LoCylia™ .

The fungi-based protein .

Mycoprotein, LoCylia, fungi-based protein

LoCylia™​ for our B2B partners!​  

Our planet has given us a very unique method to produce a complete protein for both animals and humans, without negative effect on the environment. This method is called fermentation and has not been exploited at its best capacity yet. Thanks to our patented technology, we can use fermentation concept and push it towards one of the most sustainable protein production method existing today. 

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MAASH produces Loyclia™ in a simple

4-stepped process !

fungi strain

1. Discover

After a long research, one final strain was selected among the 5.1 million existing fungi species. We now grow food from a EU approved filamentous fungi strain. 

bioreactor, fermentation

2. Ferment

Fermentation is a well known process used for millions years by nature. We have studied the process called Submerged Fermentation, to produce a high quality protein out of very few ingredients. This technology is scalable and highly resource efficient.

MAASH, Mycoprotein, LoCylia

3. Process

From the fermentation tanks, we use very simple steps to transform the active fungal biomass into LoCylia  and treat it to ensure a safe and good quality protein ingredient.

Mycoprotein, LoCylia

4. Prepare !

Now, your turn to use our LoCylia protein ingredient in your feed or food formulation. 

We only have one planet.

90% less water

LoCylia' production.  It conusmes 10x less compared to beef and poultry. Only 3% of our Earth's water is freshwater. Out of that, only 1,2% is considered to be drinkable. Even with such a small fraction, we end up "wasting" 70% of that drinkable water making food. LoCylia doesn't need to irrigate acres of land. How's that not a much better way to produce food? 

95% less GHG

Our fermentation process, inspired by nature, produces very little CO2 and no CH4 (methane). With a majority of the global population living in cities, it is important to cut the food trajectories and their GHG emissions. Our technology can be implemented within urban areas and ultimately contrinuting to reducing these emissions as well as shipping costs. 

99% less land

Our technology allows to produce huge amounts of proteins while keeping nature intact. With a predicted 9 billion people global population in 2050, we must switch our consumption behavior and produce what we eat sustainably. 50% of the habitable land is already being occupied to making food. That's way too much, let's reduce it by 99%. 

LoCylia™ is also a highly performant protein.

Complete Protein

Contains all the essential amino acids. Fostering a better growth and building of the different proteins.


Contains the right content of essential amino acids, leading to a good digestibility of the protein.

Anti-Nutrient Reduction

 Mycelial fementation leads to a reduction of anti-nutrients such as phytic acid by half, while simultaneously reducing tannins and phenols, leading also to a better protein digestibility.

Faster Absorption

 Mycelial fermentation fosters the breaking down of of protein for your body to absord. It allows a faster protein absorption compared to unfermented beans and peas.

Superior Texture

The morphology of LoCylia allows you to create world class products, whilde adapting to all sorts of texture.

Improved Fragrances

The advantageous metabolism of fungi erases excess of carbohydrates and decreases many of the negative attributes of protein's fragrances. 

High Satiety

 The metabolisms of the fungi and their nutritive properties have the property to give a quick full nutrition satisfaction, leading to a better control of body weights. 

Allergen friendly

 LoCylia is animal-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and, additionally, does not contain any of the other top allergens that represent more than 90% of the total food related allergies.

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